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Knowhow: Control Panel Power Supply

Control Panels typically contain the switching and control gear for process control and automation systems.

The mains power supply available will be dependent upon which country the control panel will be installed in,  and the voltages that are required within the control panel will be dependent upon the switching and control gear contained within it.

For flexibility,  CPP have produced a range of control panel transformers designed to accomodate the most common mains supply voltages and the voltages and power required by switching and control gear;

CPP Control Panel Transformers

The primary of the transformer must be protected against short circuit by automatic interuption of the supply voltage. The rating of the protection and connections to the transformer must take into account the inrush of the transformer during...

Technical Bulletin: Cable Segregation within Control Cabinets

Section 2 of IEC 61000-5-2, 'Earthing and Cabling' recommends that cabling within an industrial control cabinet be split into at least four categories